Professional Behavior


I do not often have to be concerned about not being on time and prepared in a professional setting. I predict that I may struggle with documenting on time, however noting this beforehand will encourage me to make an extra effort to set aside time documentation. I also realize that I have become a procrastinator. This has not affected the quality of my work as of yet, but I think it is important to not rely on external motivation such as deadlines. A goal I have for myself during fieldwork is to set aside a specific time for preparation and assignments outside of my time at my fieldwork setting. Overall, I feel that dependability is not an area of concern for me.


I do not predict that taking initiative will be an issue for me during my fieldwork. In the past, I have always been proactive in finding something useful and helpful to do in my spare time. Before asking questions, I often try and find the answer independently. My level I fieldwork educator emphasized the importance of this and would cue me to use my resources when necessary. I generally enjoy receiving feedback and definitely try to improve in the areas addressed.


I think that this may be an area I struggle with, however, I know that many other students have felt nervous for their fieldwork experiences and finish feeling at least fairly competent as an therapist in that facility. I also think that I may be more hesitant than I should be in gaining independence throughout my three months. On the contrary, I believe that curiosity and willingness to learn will benefit me. I always wonder why and how a treatment is going to benefit a client and the evidence to support the intervention. I also think it is important to keep in mind that safety precautions are most important for both the therapist and the client. If I have questions or concerns, this is where the reason why I need to keep communication open between myself and my supervisor.


I do not believe that this is an area of concern for me. I am very willing to admit when I make mistakes without giving excuses and try to correct them. I value materials, work space and the culture of the facilities at which I have the opportunity to learn. I also value honesty and the OT Code of Ethics.


Communication is a skill I struggle with in all areas of my life. I have difficulty verbalizing my feelings or thoughts and especially do not do well on the spot. I feel that written communication is much more of a strong suit for me as a means of communication as well as for information needing to be relayed to me. I have learned to rephrase for understanding and to ask for clarification, but I think that throughout fieldwork it will be important for me to practice effectively communicating while remaining confident in my clinical reasoning. This will become important when I discuss evaluations and treatment plans with an IEP team as well as communicate with nursing or doctors in a hospital.

Empathy and Compassion

I typically view my ability to empathize with people as a strong suit, however I realize that it is important to separate yourself as a therapist in order to remain objective. It is important to relate with your client and understand their emotional state for the purpose of therapy, but I will need to remember to leave work at work. I have heard personal accounts from students and fieldwork educators where this ability to empathize can become an issue, and I have learned that this is where anchoring occupations and personal coping methods become important. I do believe I can grow in this area as I challenge myself to provide intervention without bias and provide support without personal emotions interfering with service.

Cooperation and Teamwork

I think this is an area that I could improve on in the professional world. I need to build more confidence in order to feel comfortable making contributions to the team. I am very hesitant in conveying my thoughts in a setting where I feel inferior and during my fieldwork I will most likely feel insecure in my clinical reasoning. At the same time, I think that I do well with accepting views that do not match my own. I have never encount a problem working in a group setting, and in the past I have done well coping with individual differences. Communication is not as strong suit for me, but knowing this, I have always increased my efforts in preparation in order to ensure I can effectively contribute. I believe that throughout my fieldwork experience, I can build confidence and become a valuable member of the team.

Personal Appearance

I do not predict that this will be an area of concern for me. I do not think I have very strong facial expressions or postures that would send negative messages to clients. I also will be dressing very conservatively, maintaining good personal hygiene and practice safety and respect during my fieldwork.

Based on Worksheet from class!



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